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FF1 NW castle

Dillon, Brenna, Sarah, Cale, and Mitch tolerate a game of Dungeons & Dragons being DM'd by Collin. We're all pretty new, but we're no strangers to fun.

The CampaignEdit

The Sword Coast Five are adventuring under 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules. There is flexibility to the rules with all official Wizard of the Coast books being allowed and plenty of homebrew options and rules at the discretion of the DM. The ultimate goal is having fun and making a compelling co-op storytelling environment. This game is set on the Sword Coast in an open world format with several campaigns available for the gang to interact with (or not). The Sword Coast Five are currently learning about each other and making a new home in Greenest.


General Information

The Sword Coast Five

Player Characters

Bahdak Xymut

Captain Kiseli Krajevi


Samantha Bigtoe

Sirrine Galaadon

Notable Non-Player Characters

Bobert Bueller

Eadyan Falconmoon

Frulam Mondath

Governor Nighthill

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath


Linan Swift

Magnus Fireburns

Marduk Tong the Fatemaker

Mario Shoresy

Peg Leg Greg

Raggnar Redtooth

Sprinkles the Draft Horse


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